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Why Build Green?


The way you build a house affects not only the environment, but also your family’s health, your future finances, and many other issues. Green building is the key to a good life in your new home.


Green homes cost an avezrage of only 3–8 percent more, and the upgrades normally pay for themselves in under four years. The following statistics show how these small changes make a big difference financially:


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, using energy-efficient appliances can reduce your bills by up to 30 percent each year.


Homes certified by the U.S. Green Building Council have reportedly used up to 60 percent less energy than others. All of the homes we build have this certification.


Most homes have an air infiltration rate (the amount of heating or air conditioning that leaks outside) of 50–60 percent. Verde Homes homes have an infiltration rate of just 2–6 percent, which leads to smaller utility bills.


Building Green Increases Health


Many builders use materials that have hazardous chemicals in them. For example, formaldehyde is found in many paints, adhesives, counter tops, and other products. However, it’s recently been linked to causing nausea, asthma, and even cancer. With our green construction techniques, we use alternatives to these products so your home is a safe place for your family.


Leave your worries behind. Our custom homes in North Carolina have outstanding air quality because we use safe products. This is especially important for families with young children or for people who have asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems.


Building Green Benefits the Environment


The Green Building Council uses several categories to describe a home’s efficiency level; platinum is the best and gold is second best. Recent statistics show the advantage that gold-standard buildings have over average homes. In general “gold” homes do the following:


  • Consume 25 percent less energy and 11 percent less water
  • Decrease maintenance costs by 19 percent
  • Increase occupant satisfaction by 27 percent
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions by 34 percent


Building Green Upgrades Home Value


We build houses that are low maintenance and high performing. We use premium green construction materials and products that save money by enduring the test of time well. These high-quality materials often surpass those that building codes call for, adding value and durability to your North Carolina home. We insist on quality the first time so there won’t have to be a second, third, or fourth time.


The success of Verde Homes is the result of our continuous focus on building long-term relationships with mortgage servicers based upon trust and integrity. We strive to hire the best people in our industry who share our values and are committed to providing exceptional service. Verde Homes has built a management team with more than 100 years combined experience in our industry, rivaling that of any field preservation company.