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semi custom homes


What is a Semi Custom Home?


Semi custom homes are new homes that allow some flexibility in choices, while other features are pre-determined. While we do fit the description of a semi custom home builder, at Verde Homes, we prefer to define our focus with our slogan, Where Innovation Lives!


What are Semi Custom Homes?


Semi Custom Home Builders in Charlotte, North Carolina


Our popular Verde models and house styles make it easy for you to find floor plans that work for your family and lifestyle. The concept of semi custom homes then allows you to consider pre-packaged upgrades with our Lifestyle Packages, incorporate Verde innovations.


Verde Homes will build your new home to the high quality standards that have won us industry awards over the years. Learn more by browsing our website and drop by one of our showhomes soon!


With semi-custom homes, the builder provides you with pre-designed house styles and floor plans, and you pick the one that best fits your housing preferences. Often times, these existing designs can be modified slightly to fit personal specifications. Modifications might also be made for a specific piece of land on which you want to build. Similarly, there is some flexibility in the products and features that you choose for these houses; however, the home builder usually has narrowed the choices for you.


  • While working within your builder’s pre-set budgets, you can sometimes choose quality features and products to customize the home.
  • By beginning the home-building process with a pre-designed home style and floor plan, some people feel more confident in their ability to build a house that fits personal wants and needs.


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